About Us

Spring fly fishing for Whitefish in the BWCA (transportation by dogsled).

My wife Kristen and I, are both independent people who like adventure and a good challenge; we wanted to provide a service for like-minded people, people who want to get out and do things on their own. This may seem an odd view for someone who has made their living as a guide. I enjoy guiding and sharing my passions with the people I guide, but I know that I am not alone in wanting to experience the world unguided.  We hope that Hauling Dogs will allow more people to experience the wonders of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the winter, in addition to letting people build their own adventures on their own terms; we’ll just help you get there!


I have been guiding dogsled trips in and around the Boundary Waters since 2006 for White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures, where I continue to guide today.  In addition to guiding for White Wilderness, I have also spent summers guiding fly-fishers in remote lodges in Alaska, running a pack-string of mules in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Northwestern Montana, and guiding canoe trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area .  I have been fortunate to have large chunks of free time that have allowed me to have some adventures of my own;  a few extended paddling trips, including a 1000 mile canoe trip to the arctic ocean, and various bike-trekking, and long hiking trips.  I have also been very fortunate to have been racing sled dogs since 2008, competing in the John Beargrease Marathon, Hudson Bay Quest, and UP200 multiple times.


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would work with a team of sled dogs!  Honestly in my wildest dreams I was usually doing really weird things, like flying over a beach while eating cheese wiz.  Anyhow, my journey to running dogs came by way of veterinary medicine.  I graduated from veterinary school in 2014 and have been working as a veterinarian in Ely, MN ever since.  I’ve worked for multiple years on the veterinary teams for the UP200 and Beargrease Sled Dog Marathons and I also work with many dog sledding kennels in the Ely area.  Prior to my time in Ely I spent five summers working with muskox, moose, bison, and bears at The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, which only fueled my love for wild places and adventure. While I enjoy experiencing the wilderness at the tail end of a team of dogs, I also like to take in the sights while cross country skiing.  I have skied the American Birkebeiner nine times and the Norwegian Birkie once.  I ran my first big race, the Beargrease 120, in 2021, and look forward to running the UP200 in 2022, and many races down the road!

Echo taking a rest in the sled while we ice fish. Permission for this was NOT granted. She didn’t care.

Our Dogs

We run a team of Alaskan huskies.  Alaskan huskies are basically a mix breed dog, bred to optimize performance in freight hauling and racing. They are distinct from Siberian huskies, and as such, do not always look like the typical “husky” that some people expect.  Alaskan huskies love to run, as you will witness if you ever see a team of these guys being hooked up!  We begin training our dogs in the fall and build up miles over the months, so they are able to run trips with confidence. We work to take good care of our dogs, as they work hard for us.  Our dogs rotate through our house and can often be found trying to sneak onto the couch.  When they are not training in the summer we regularly free run them as a group, and they often accompany us on canoe trips and jogs through the forest.