Ice Fishing in the Boundary Waters

Ice Fishing

ice fishing

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is an unparalleled winter fishery, where you can spend a week out ice fishing, seeing or hearing wolves, otters, maybe even a moose, but never a sign of another person! We offer regular freighting services to three of the best lakes in the Boundary Waters: Basswood, Knife, and Thomas.

Ice Fishing on Basswood

Basswood is the easiest lake to get onto, roughly a six mile run will get us from the truck to the lake, usually a relatively smooth trail the whole way in.  It is a huge lake though with miles upon miles of ice to cover to get from one prime ice fishing hole to another.  Whether you are chasing monster Northern Pike, looking for Lake trout, or even after some spring Crappie, Basswood has a bit of everything.  It is a popular pike spearing lake, and we offer a specially priced trip to get you quickly to Hoist bay, the first bay we reach on Basswood, where some of the best spearing opportunities in the Boundary Waters await.

Ice Fishing on Knife

A bit deeper into the Boundary Waters lays Knife Lake.  With its rocky escarpments, Knife Lake offers amazing scenery to compliment the ice fishing for Lake Trout.  It also serves as a jumping off point of sorts for several other spectacular Lake Trout lakes; Little Knife, Ottertrack, and Kekakabic, all beautiful lakes in their own right, as well as myriad smaller lakes that you may be the only one to fish all winter!

Ice Fishing on Thomas

The trail into Thomas lake is quite the adventure, through miles of swamp, across lakes, and deep in the Boundary Waters wilderness. It is real work getting to Thomas, which means you may have the lake to yourself. Right next door is Fraser, two great Lake Trout lakes back to back!

Other Options

Of course there are thousands of lakes in the Boundary Waters. If you have your heart set on a different lake, maybe you have a favorite spot from your summer canoe trip, or just a lake you have always wanted to fish in the winter, we will try to get you there!