Reality Check

We love winter camping and travel.  If you are warm and prepared, winter is the best time of year to be in the Boundary Waters.  Winter travel is unpredictable however; a dogsled run that took two hours one day could take all day the next.  Snow conditions, temperature, slush on lakes, ice conditions… these are just some of the factors that affect travel in the Boundary Waters Wilderness in the winter.  We want everyone to be safe out there, you, us, our dogs, otherwise there is sooo much paperwork and bad press it is really a hassle.  So we reserve the right to cancel or postpone a trip, if we cancel all of your money will be refunded.  However having said that, we really don’t like to cancel, we’re stubborn, and will do our best to make it work.  Please be aware when signing up that you may experience -30, -40, or even colder, it may be blowing snow all day, lakes may be covered in slush.  These are all parts of winter, and really that is part of why we like winter right; it can be brutal and beautiful all at the same time. If conditions warrant it we may also discuss route or destination changes with you. We don’t want to scare anyone away, but we also want everyone to remember that there is the Disney winter of Frozen and the winter of the Donner Party, and they exist together, and we try to work through both.

We have gps devices that allow messages to be sent out via satellite, and offer an emergency pick up if you have to end your trip sooner than planned, however as these last minutes trips may not be possible, we do not guarantee we can pick you up early, and we do charge a fee that reflects the inconvenience for such an emergency pick up. Finally we of course want your trip into the Boundary Waters to be a great one, and though our freighting services may only be a small part of that trip, feel free to call us when you are planning if you have any questions.  We are very experienced winter campers, or at least we have been camping in the winter for over 15 years and still have all of our fingers and toes!