Services and Pricing

(please see our page “Reality Check” before you book a trip!)

Freight hauling prices (round trip)
As a rough estimate for your trip planning we figure 75lbs of gear per person.
First dog team-Basswood or Gabbro$700
First dog team-Thomas or Knife$900
Additional dog team (each)$600
Passenger cost (per person)
* in addition to cost of dog team
Camp setup and breakdown
* in addition to cost of sled and passengers
Perfect for those interested in skiing out to a premade camp (tent setup, water hole cut, and a good start on firewood).
First night guide
* in addition to cost of sled and passengers
Great for first time winter campers. We camp with you the first night. We’ll teach you how to stay warm and safe. Plus you get to hang out with the dogs for a bit!
Hoist Bay Spearing Trip
Two people and their gear, round trip to Hoist Bay on Basswood Lake. Weight limit of 600lbs.
Ultralight Trip
Up to 250lbs of gear to various lakes within 20 miles.
This trip is designed for adventuresome winter campers who want to ski or snowshoe themselves out to some of the less accessible lakes of the Boundary Waters that may never see winter travelers. The lighter load allows us to take a smaller dog team and sled so we can snake our way through tighter portages than would be possible with our usual freighting set up. Lakes include Kekakabic and Lac La Croix.
Dogsled to Dorothy’s!
A guided trip with the Dorothy Molter Museum to Dorothy’s Isle of the Pines on Knife Lake.
Guided Camping Trip
Travel through the Boundary Waters driving your own dog team, on a fully guided outfitted multi-day camping trip. Limited availability.
We also offer equipment rental to our guests, including winter sleeping bags, Snowtrekker wall tent, stove, Garmin inReach, and more.
Check out Snowtrekker tents here.

Have a different Boundary Water’s destination in mind?

Let us know if you want to go somewhere else, we can probably get you there.