Winter Camping

For those who have never done it, the thought of sleeping in a tent on a frozen lake in subzero weather sounds absurd… and then there are those of us that know better!  If you fall into the second category count yourself lucky.  Few people know the joys of winter camping; the lack of bugs, the solitude, the calm that a still moonlit night holds, or maybe even the magic of the northern lights on a moonless night.  We are fortunate to have the vast expanse that is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area as a winter playground, and if you want to get in deep and enjoy it, we can get you there.  Whether you are an experienced winter camper and want to penetrate a little deeper into the wilderness than you could on your own, or it will be your first time winter camping, we have a package for you.  If it is your first time winter camping, or it has been a while since you have winter camped, we can spend the first night with you, showing you some of the tricks we’ve picked up in over 15 years of winter camping to staying warm and having fun out on the ice!